Home of ICU: On a Mission

Prayer  -  Action  -  Unity

We are committed to weekly praying together in our worship service and faithfully asking God to guide us and empower us.  We pray specifically that we would recognize God’s will being done on earth when the Innocence of Children is Upheld.  We invite you to attend our worship services each Sunday and join us in this most important act of worship.

We recognize that our prayers must lead us to actions that will physically protect children. This is an enormous mission and will only be realized with the participation of a multitude of volunteers. Please join us in building the largest volunteer network on the planet.  Click here to learn more about some of the ways ICU heroes are already working to protect, provide for and prepare children who might otherwise be abandoned or abused.

We understand that this mission is beyond the capacity of those we currently have involved.  

We NEED your help.!  

We need others in our community to unite with us.  If you are not actively involved in this mission through a church, please join us now.  We also must unite with other churches, individuals and agencies who are contributing to the protection of children’s innocence such as law enforcement and social services. If we all continue to work divided we will fail, but united we can accomplish this mission together!